Design, Art and Nature

Sirem Wild Is the evolution of a project that was born in 2011. That’s when I began to put my own designs and ideas on T-shirts. Later I focused on the nature theme, giving birth to the amount of animals, plants, trees … that charged life in clothes. All of them painted by hand, with much dedication and affection. The fundamental idea behind the project was to take art to the street. That art was not an exclusive good of a few people. And that could be enjoyed day by day, taking it with you.

Now the designs still have that manual origin, all start from a handmade drawing, but the printing is done in series to be able to go further. And without losing quality, the garments are 100% recycled. Commitment to nature comes into effect, and people wearing Sirem Wild feel identified with what they wear. It is the spirit of nature that permeates your being.

Miriam Barahona “Sirem”


Photography: Alejandro Fábregas

The team that accompanies me in this adventure:


Natural symbiosis

In order to grow, we have decided to join forces by creating a team in which each part complements perfectly as a puzzle.

Nature unites us, and also ideas, strength and illusion.


Cheerful and solar, I seek to have many happy moments in my life and for this purpose I embark on this adventure, contributing to the team the commercial part of the project. At the moment I can say that the happiness that brings me the illusion with which I do, can not be paid with all the money in the world.


Citizen of the world, enterprising and curious, always dedicated to programming for industrial machines, I started in this project, to open a window of fresh air in my work and personal life, to be able to look at nature and imagine a cleaner world with Use of recycling.